Technology should help you do your work better. It is a means, not an end.

What has made this possible?

Let’s start with the better availability of talent. We’ve managed to attract and hire the best tech talent available through LinkedIn and Indeed. We’ve managed to get these teams to work well together through Instagram, Trello, Telegram, and (ye old faithful) GitHub. Then we get to the hosting; Amazon has done to web-hosting what Wal-mart did to retail in America. We use S3 and SES for our media hosting and Emails, respectively. We use Li-node to maintain our servers. IN no other time in history could you get an 8GB VPS for less than a meal at restaurant.

The Publishing Stack

We’re using WordPress, of course. Notable mention should go to Jet-pack, and Redis – for being absolutely essential. Easy-engine has changed the way WordPress sites are deployed, upgraded and managed. WordPress, while being extremely good, is also a tad bloated, so a lot of efficiency related work has gone into our publishing platform. Technology like AMP and Instant Articles are now as essential to our publishing as the content we host on our own servers.


Branch is essential, there is no other way to gain lasting app downloads . Adobe’s Phone-gap has changed the game as far as access to mobile app developers go. You now only need a web developer to get mobile apps done. And with the improvements in JavaScript performance – the rendering of these apps by both Android and iOS (even Windows) is phenom.  Google Analytics and Google Webmaster (Search Console) are notable mentions – and while their benefits are not strictly “mobile” – they have profound benefits for the mobile content marketing stack.