Software Development

Great software sells itself.

It’s hard to think of the last time I was drawn to a brand because it had great ads. However, I can remember multiple times when I’ve engaged with a brand through the portals they have built.

Every brand must code

It’s important for brands of today to think beyond advertising – and move to customer engagement in every manner possible. Customers are most engaged today on their mobile, and so, naturally it makes sense for brands to build small “apps” that customers can engage with, while at the same time being reminded of the brand.

In house software development is painful

This is another problem that a lot of brands face. In house software development, especially for a customer engagement purpose is rather painful. Sure you can find a lot of software that can be used for performing your enterprise level tasks effectively. But it’s hard to find great “customer-centric” software. It’s painful to hire a team, and even more painful to get them to understand a business need and match it with a customer need. When you catch a hold of an enterprise software development company, the app they come out with looks like something even the company employees would think twice about engaging with. Perhaps that’s why a lot of brands now turn to media tech companies to fulfill this need.

Is software based customer engagement development right for you

Well, it depends. For all of the FMCG brands on the planet – yes, it definitely makes sense. For example, let’s take Subway as a case in point. It would make a lot of sense for them to build out a software portal where their patrons can make and save their sub creations. So the next time John steps into a Subway outlet, he just needs to ask for a John Doe Meat Sub, and they will know what to do. Another example would be, if the same brand wanted to set up a loyalty card system into their existing Make a Sub portal – where a customer can create a Sub, and then share it on social media, and for every person who goes to an outlet and asks for that Sub, the original maker earns points.

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