The purpose of business is to make money. Else, start a charity.

Programmatic Advertising

Google Ad-sense and Facebook’s Audience Network has made programmatic, almost native looking advertising revenue at scale a reality for publishers. While some claim that they aren’t really making “serious money” – it’s surprising how much profit you can make with “non serious money”.  Both networks pay up about 60 percent of the ad revenue to publishers. There are also smaller networks that will pay more. These ads encompass both display, search, and native. Players like Out-brain, Rev-content and Earnings are available for higher traffic volumes.

Direct Sold Advertising

Platforms like Blog-mint and others are turning out to be effective marketplaces for brands to find bloggers and place sponsored content. They take the pan of invoicing, collecting payments out of Sponsored Blogging. They also reduce the need for publishers to have in-house Sales teams. There is a healthy inflow of interested direct advertisers to our properties since achieving some scale, and we plan to augment it by creating our own Sales force.

Affiliate Revenue

As E-commerce explodes in the country, people look for more reviews – and in content affiliate links are a surprisingly good way for publishers to make money (passive income is the phrase in vogue). Consider a Recipe post that has 12,000 monthly searches on Google. A website who’s content is ranked on the first page can get that traffic. And  people looking at a recipe usually look to order ingredients. There are even ready made Recipe kits available these days.

Service and other income

Publishers, especially digital only publishers are extremely good at Content marketing – they make their bread and butter from it. This could be a  viable part of their service income. Since they attract large volumes of talent – the talent can be used for everything from Branded content, to in-house Magazines. There are even Publishers that have started offering social media marketing services. It would really help, if we had an in-house social media marketing agency…Since tracking of transaction is a little fuzzy – we’ve also experimented (and had some success) with the model of Membership based discount programs.