No one lights a lamp and hides it under a bush. The trick to setting the bush on fire is to last the night.

Social Media

Socail Media has been won by the publishers. If all it took to have a great Facebook Page is a lot of money, then most brands would have great Facebook pages – but they don’t. People fundamentally don’t really like Brand pages – with very few exceptions. Brand Pages also realize the need to collaborate with Publishers to promote content. The guy who says he’d rather pay Facebook instead of paying a Publisher, hasn’t really tried social media at scale. We’ve become extremely good at building large communities on social media with minimal cash and a lot of content.

The Google Side of things

Search engines continue to drive lasting, sustainable low-cost traffic to Publishers. Publishers’ websites and apps are far more likely to get Search Engine traffic (with the employ of some good SEO analysts) than brands. Since the cost of achieving that traffic on a continued basis, to the publisher is virtually nil,  there is some arbitrage that is possible in ad selling. Youtube Engine Optimization is an even simpler story; start early, (and there isn’t even a reliable paid way to build subscribers) – so all publishers have to do is produce good content and build organic subscriber bases. Brands approach them with advertising deals and enough freebies to start a retail business. Indeed several publishers on Youtube are now dabbling in SAAS-like retail. Forget CPM ads – with ads directly baked into video content (the hard way) – every single viewer is monetizable and paid for.


SEO has become the most common skill for engineering pass-outs that can’t code in India. It’s a factor of mechanical back-linking, mostly, and a factor of the first-mover; we have both. We are early movers in the digital publishing field, and we have extremely dedicated SEO professionals who work with us. It is practically not possible for a brand to achieve this level of Search Engine Benefit – many of them have tried and have fallen back to Search Engine Marketing – which is both costly and not sustainable.