Digital Advertising

In the future, virtually all advertising will be digital.

How Digital advertising works

Most companies believe that Facebook and Google account for the whole digital advertising spend in the world – and that publishers make very little, if anything through digital advertising. Facebook and Google are, more accurately, the world’s most efficient ad agents. They collect the campaign from the brand, create a state of the art dashboard for reporting, and deploy ads on Publisher sites and apps. They share revenue with publishers – usually about 60 percent.

Digital advertising industry in India

In 2016 digital advertising surpassed 6700 crores INR. The industry is growing at 33 percent, CAGR. While digital accounts for 13 percent of all advertising spends in the country at present, at current predictions it will go up to account for 30 percent of all advertising spends by 2020. A publisher with different media properties catering to different audience segments will be well placed to take advantage of this growth.