Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t what we do, it’s who we are.

We’ve built one great community around content on the internet. When is your brand due?

What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the practice of developing good content and placing it in front of as many users from your target demographic as possible. While creating good content that is not “too marketing related” is hard enough, distributing or marketing that content to an identified target market is the most challenging thing that brands are attempting today in the world of digital advertising.

Why Content Marketing

People are really sick of your ads. While no one is denying the effectiveness of a full page ad in the paper, or a TV commercial, when it comes to digital – the ball game has changed dramatically over the past few years. People don’t want to be bombarded with ads all the time, they want to see and engage with good content. A mobile screen is simply the wrong place for a full page interstitial. Most people don’t click on banners. And even the ones that do, leave the page as fast as possible.

How do you go about Content Marketing

You start with the content. Content, it is important to note here is different from advertising. If you were Coke (for example) – content marketing doesn’t involve you putting together a piece like “5 reasons we really, really love Coke” and placing it in every unrelated blog possible. Putting together a recipe for Deep Fried Coke and placing it in a food blog, however, is a good idea for a content marketing start.┬áThe key is to forget your advertising instinct for a bit and really, truly place yourself in the seat of your customer. He doesn’t need to be told why he should love Coke, but he would benefit from a Deep Fried Coke Recipe. Make sure you include a health warning though.

How can we help

Well, we know good content. We’ve been creating it for years now, and it just works. We’ve also got excellent marketers on our team who will help you amplify the reach of your brand’s content.

Speak to us today and see how we can get your brand going with our Content Marketing Services.