ForeverNetworks Private Limited was incorporated on 26th December 2014 with a mission to build, develop, market and monetize digital media properties in different interest categories for the connected generation.

ForeverNetworks is a digital media tech company.

The Details

Pradeep Rajadas VGP, grandson of the legendary VG Panneerdas (Founder of the VGP Group of Companies) started ForeverNetworks back in 2014. The venture was initially set up as a firm. Within a month of setting out – Chaitaanya Pravin, a long-time employee and friend at Sociall.in, expressed interest for his family to invest in the firm. The Company was incorporated on 26th December, 2014.

The Secret Master Plan

The Master Plan (like all good Secret Master Plans) has three parts. the first – build one successful digital media property. The second – based on the learning’s from the first digital media property – build out more in different interest categories. The third – invest in (physical) businesses relevant to the different media properties.

Funding and Shareholding

Pradeep Rajadas held 80 percent of the company, while Chaitaanya held 20 percent till 2015. The authorized capital of the company is 1 crore INR. Chaitaanya’s family put in the initial financial outlay¬†needed.¬† Post this, a further finance has been put in by Sociall.in (The bootstrapped social media marketing company founded by Pradeep Rajadas in 2013) by way of an interest-free loan. In January of 2016 Deepak John, long time friend of Pradeep Rajadas and founder of Pupa Clic (a bootstrapped software company) joined ForeverNetworks as CTO and was allotted 5 percent (proportionately) of the Company.


Hungryforever.com is the first venture of ForeverNetworks. It is a food blog, covering food news, trends, guides, restaurants. places to eat, chefs, interviews and recipes in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi – India. 4 on-ground editors work on covering local food for the website. Mobile Apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone have also been launched. The site currently hosts about 1 million monthly readers (half a million on site, and a further half a million through its various distribution Channels). There are 10 full-time staff that work on the platform. Advertisers on Hungryforever includes McDonald’s, Hard Rock Cafe, GRT Hotels, Hyatt Hotels – among others.


In September 2016, Hungryforever became one of the few Indian mobile startups to be selected for FBStart – Facebook’s accelerator program that provides, among other things 40,000 USD in services to the selected startup.